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Celebrate the latest success story in our community

Guess what!?

Sometimes, we win. And today, we have a remarkable success story to share with you.

Nearly five years ago, a small group came together with one clear mission: to provide women and other underserved founders with the necessary resources and guidance to thrive. Wild startup accelerator was born and many of us joined as mentors, board members, and volunteers, generously devoting countless hours to nurture the Season 1 and 2 cohorts. In those early days, fundraising wasn't easy, as giving to the startup ecosystem was not yet a widely recognized concept. Nevertheless, we remained steadfast, keeping the flame of Wild alive.

Then, a ray of hope shone upon us. The JP Morgan Chase Foundation recognized the significance of this mission in Louisville and other key cities, prioritizing our cause. As a result, a fully-funded Wild Season 3 became a reality. We are thrilled to announce that seven fabulous founders and their companies are now on the road to success, all thanks to our collective commitment to prioritizing equity.

Meet the Wild Season 3 Cohort:

1. The Nori Project founded by Anora Morton

2. Komiuniti founded by Lourdes Rosillo

3. Wild Seed Coffee founded by Maya Van Irvin

4. Black UX Labs founded by Amber Fields

5. The Elephant in the Room founded by Keionna Baker & Cherena Fox

6. Capsoul Collective founded by Marissa Wilson

Now, we invite you to celebrate this remarkable win with our community. Experience firsthand the transformative work taking place within the Wild Community and hear from each founder directly how far they've come with their groundbreaking businesses.

JOIN THE DEMO DAY! Tomorrow night, Thursday, June 1st, 5:30 PM at Story, Louisville (RSVP here)

We’ve learned that to achieve more equitable access to capital, it is crucial for startup accelerators, venture capitalists, cities, states and the entrepreneurial community as a whole to actively work towards dismantling systemic barriers. While there has been some progress, there are significant disparities still to address.

But Wild’s success shows we can foster an ecosystem that encourages innovation and gives everyone a chance to succeed in the startup world. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for our continued journey together, where we have strived to listen, engage in difficult conversations, and transform the way we run our companies and communities through an equity lens. Together, we are making a difference! Yours in Peace and Change, - Carla Dearing


Are you a startup ecosystem professional that wants to strengthen the equity lens in your work? Are you a founder that has received accelerator services and want to share your story? Are you a creator, a builder or a funder that wants to plug into this work?

We want to hear your experiences and concerns:



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