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Velo develops shared growth strategies for businesses, nonprofits, social enterprises, economic development initiatives and other projects that want to be relevant in today’s changing market environment.


With a shared growth lens for racial, economic and environmental justice, we help you find and execute growth ideas designed to engage and inspire everyone you touch with your work.

We bring the investor-centered expertise that unlocks the capital you need for smarter growth.

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Learn and share on the shared growth roadmap and principles

in action through workshops, social conversations, issues-based campaigns, assessments and tools.

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Shared growth strategy and capital raising advisory, deal structuring, modeling, action plans and execution support.

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Investment-ready journey through market opportunity, product/market fit, validation, business model and investment offering.

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a thriving project (or business, or city) is one where the benefits and burdens of growth are shared equitably by all

--- across race, ethnicity, income, geography, educational attainment, ownership, access to capital, etc.

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