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Harnessing belief capital

As we near the four-year mark in Velo’s journey to make great social impact projects happen, we're learning about the extraordinary power of belief capital. Belief capital is the vital essence that fuels the early stages of any project or venture. It's about people investing their faith and support, and their resources, in a shared vision for change. We have witnessed firsthand how belief capital propels initiatives forward, breathing life into ideas and plans for positive change. Whether it be a groundbreaking multi-million dollar development in an underserved neighborhood or a project to bring the voices of community into the leadership of their change initiatives, belief capital has been a key catalyst.

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In our work, we've also encountered how entrenched funding policies influenced by dominant culture norms create funding obstacles for transformative ideas. These projects don't fit into existing traditions; otherwise, they would already be funded.

Despite the obstacles, we’re finding success by seeking individuals willing to step outside their comfort zones and flexible belief capital that ensures these projects receive the extra time and resources needed to succeed. We'll continue to highlight those doing transformative work. We value our partnership with you in continuing to foster belief capital for economic development and meaningful change. Together, we will build a future that holds limitless promise and potential for all. Yours in Peace and Change, - Carla Dearing

By tapping into belief capital, individuals can take transformative action. Do you need belief capital? Do you want opportunities to invest belief capital?

We want to hear your experiences and concerns:

On our radar

We’re learning about grass roots organizations doing youth violence intervention thanks to the Community Safety and Healing Fund. Our project was included in funding Round 3. Check out this research by our New York partner in various projects, Hester Street, on who the migrants being shipped to NYC are, what they lack and what to do about it.

Want a Master Class in belief capital? You’ll enjoy this interview of Toronto Raptors’ Vice Chairman Masai Ujiri on Basketball In Africa, Investment Strategy, NBA Career.



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