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Creating real change: How we can each advance equity and drive impact

We’ve been exploring how to keep equity capital flowing to underrepresented communities and businesses as Covid-recovery funds are finally running out. As we move forward into 2023, it's crucial for all of us to recognize the power we have to make a difference with our leadership, our businesses and our actions to create positive change in our communities.

We can all play a role in advancing equity and driving meaningful impact. Here's a call to action for each one of us: 1. Individuals with Time, Talent and Treasure: Reach across divides to use your wealth, expertise, and networks to support projects and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Mentor and provide resources to underrepresented individuals, and be a catalyst for change by fostering inclusive business practices and supporting community-led initiatives. 2. Corporate, Educational and Civic Leaders: Create inclusive policies and practices, and support efforts to retain and promote diverse talent in leadership roles. Be a driving force in creating a new face of leadership that reflects the diversity of our communities. Fight for equity and equity capital in governance boards and decision-making processes. 3. Foundations: Double down on your commitment to equity capital grants and investments, and trust-based philanthropy. By leveraging your resources and influence, you can seed positive change ahead of the market. 4. Government: Support initiatives that put shovels in the ground and drive economic development in marginalized areas, and collaborate with organizations that are driving economic opportunities for individuals. This will ignite economic growth in the Region. It's time to take action and be a part of the solution. Together, we can create a brighter future for all. Yours in Peace and Change, - Carla Dearing

Are you working on equitable investment and have ideas for how to realize more opportunities in this moment?

We want to hear your experiences and concerns and to amplify your ideas.

This month in On Our Radar, we are including some tangible ways all of us can make a direct difference: Do your next meeting at Blak Koffee, at 12th and Jefferson with easy access and parking. Support this black-owned business, food in West Louisville.

Get to know the members of the Wild Season 03 cohort and their budding businesses. The cohort is preparing to showcase and pitch their individual businesses models to the room and potential investors on Demo Day, June 1.

Read Today, Lead Tomorrow, says I’d Rather Be Reading. We got to see the programming of this amazing group in the Park Hill neighborhood last month, like this Trauma Informed Reading Mentor Student Success (watch). IWRBR provides reading tutoring, summer camps, and after school programs. This is a powerful donation for those looking to support opportunities for children.

At Canopy’s 3rd Annual Good Business Summit last week, we loved seeing Condrad Daniels receive the Kentucky Top Impact Leader award and watching his family and the Houstons enjoy the event, all of whom represent everything “good business” means in this Region. Learn more about Canopy’s good business certification here.



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