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The Journey to

Investment-Ready Workshop

If founders do not have the education, the mobility, the social proof, the mentors and the business knowledge, then the Venture Capital world cannot see them. It is also very difficult for founders to realize their full potential unless they are plugged into and can access the benefits of a larger regional network.

The Journey to Investment-Ready Workshop aims to support the startup ecosystem builders, investors, government officials and civil society leaders in the process of providing training and education for founders.

Colleagues at Work

We work backwards from the ideal pitch deck that an investor will say “yes” to.

You can’t do the investment modeling in a vacuum. The model is iterative, helping you capture the business that’s going to address the market, that’s going to make money, that’s going to be a sizable market and have growth potential, that effectively sells to customers, and has an investment offering that is a “yes” for investors (or other funders, not every business should raise equity).

The journey breaks down into four blocks:

Part I – Is this a compelling business?

  • Problem, Capture the emotion and urgency

  • Solution, How does the business work and why does it solve the problem? What does “win” look like? Why do clients crucially need you?

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM), Market size and attainable market share

Part III – Does the business model work?

  • Revenue model

  • Resource requirements and margins

  • Traction/Achievements

  • Finding the appropriate accelerator for further development

Part II – Can you capture a share of the market opportunity?

  • Product/market fit

  • Competitive landscape and differentiators

  • Validation, client acquisition and retention

  • Go To Market Strategy, omni-channel strategies

  • Team, talent development and retention

Part IV – Is the investment offering designed to work?

  • Capital needs, use of funds

  • Structuring of investment offering

  • Approach to investors and supporting the close


The Journey to
workshop is based on:









This workshop will allow startups to:

1. Understand what it's going to take to get funded

2. Find the gap in their journey

3. Focus on completing all required elements

4. Help them achieve investment-ready

integrate the journey to investment-ready workshop as part of your impact agenda

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