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What can we do right now to make lasting change?


With an uncertain economic, political and social landscape at a local and national scale – we are living in limbo. Yet, times of uncertainty can be the best times to try new ways of doing things.

2022 is a year to absorb what we’ve learned in 2020 and 2021 about the need for shared growth that seeks racial, economic and environmental justice in everything we do. It's a year to engage and make lasting change.

A few weeks back I sat down with Tim Findley, Jr., both of us being former mayoral candidates for the city of Louisville. We discussed what leadership has looked like for the past decade and how ideas for culture change and setting "a new table" in community leadership can unlock economic growth for the city. Watch our full conversation here.

One of the first things each of us can do is take a serious look at the decision-making bodies in our respective worlds – in our companies, our projects, our nonprofits, our cities – and set “a new table”. This is not adding diverse members to the existing leadership table one at a time.

A “new table” is where a new, explicitly diverse and representative group is convened to proceed to operate with decision-making authority. Diverse voices are seen and heard and centered in the decision-making process.

Why? Relevance. Because today’s marketplace conditions demand better ideas, that engage and excite all stakeholders – funders, customers, associates, communities. A new table brings creativity and outcomes that meet those requirements.

Shared growth strategies start with a new table

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How do you create a new table for shared growth? Intentionally.

Do you have a group that needs a redo? How about that annual cycling event you do? How about your networking meetings? Your leadership team? What would setting a new table entail? Who can create a new table? We want to hear your experiences and concerns around setting a new table in your work.

- Carla Dearing



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