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What happens after dropping out of a mayoral race?


After a quiet few months, I’m thrilled to be reconnecting with you. A quick note of thanks to those who tuned in as I stepped into the Louisville mayoral race briefly last October, and to the well-wishers when I decided not to officially file in December. Now that the primary is behind us, and we have a better idea of what's ahead in the city (and increasingly in the country), I go back to the question that opened up many of my conversations around the city: How can we do better? We certainly don't have to wait to figure that out, as proven through the unseen work of so many citizens that made a difference in the pandemic.

Why are you receiving this email?

Because you’ve always engaged in this work with me in one way or another, whether you’ve collaborated, innovated or invested, or shared your thoughts, joined by listening, reading or following the journey.

In these past few years, I’ve learned that the same thing I’ve spent my career on in businesses and nonprofits, big and small, is what is needed for change on a broader scale. Here’s how change continues to inspire my efforts professionally:

In order to create meaningful change, we need to hold the difficult conversations with a different lens that transforms the way we run our companies and our communities. That lens is equity and sustainability for shared growth. In this newsletter we’re going to continue to:

  • Explore how shared growth can be created in everything we do, and what it takes

  • Discuss real-life instances of social impact and shared growth work across the country

  • Explore how civic advocacy can bring shared growth to our cities

I hope you will stay on this journey with me.

I'll keep you updated on our conversations and discoveries on the different ways we bring change with partners, institutions, entrepreneurs, visionaries and you.

- Carla Dearing


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