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"Even more than what

growth strategies are possible,

which growth strategy gets you

on the path to your goals and dreams

is the key question that motivates founders

to work with Velo."


- Carla Dearing, CEO Velo

Velo advisory

Velo offers advice and capacity building resources from Velo for a select group of social enterprises led by underrepresented founders for smarter growth.

Members are typically at pre-accelerator, accelerator or growth phases seeking strategies for smarter growth and scale. Through advice and services as needed, Velo helps prepare Members to companies to raise capital, across the sectors, typically over a three-year period. 
Bringing investor-centered expertise and insights for smarter growth. Services can include:

  • Strategic growth consulting;

  • Guidance with financial modeling;

  • Deal structuring across for-profit and nonprofit capital sources;

  • Ongoing support to ensure long-term success and sustainability; 

  • Education and community for capacity building.

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