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there is a tiny degree of separation Between the status quo and a new way where we are honest about where we are, come together in unprecedented ways,

and unlock the potential of the future


- Carla Dearing, Velo CEO

This Is How We Started

The launch of Velo in late 2019 was inspired by the question:

Why do good projects empowering underrepresented founders and communities still too often not happen?

Project after project has good leadership and a good plan, but does not ultimately happen. We launched Velo to help social impact founders and projects develop the capital they need for smarter growth. With help from talented partners, we’ve helped some great projects happen.

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Bringing people together around bold initiatives and working to attract funders – investors, bankers, local, state and federal government grants and development initiatives – we’ve seen first-hand how hard it is to make change, and get things done, at many levels.

We’ve now broadened our lens to all aspects of shared growth strategies. With a shared growth lens for racial, economic and environmental justice, our clients find and execute growth strategies to be relevant in today’s marketplace requirements. 

meet our ceo

Our CEO Carla Dearing started her career at Morgan Stanley & Co. in financial analysis and new product development and went on to become a three-time founder. Her first company was a financial advisory and administration business in New York that was sold and is now part of State Street Bank. She spent a decade in the nonprofit sector with community foundations and in higher education. Her latest company, Sum180, a financial lifestyle app, was acquired by another fintech startup. Carla graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan and holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business. She is a frequent writer and speaker, a multi-sport athlete and a passionate cook, traveler and life-long learner.


4 Truths guiding
our work:

It’s time for different leadership.

Courage, Community, Empowerment, Grace. Integrity always.


Good intentions (and great branding) are not enough. The business model has to work.


You can use technology to do nearly all of the small things right for a lot less capital.


Excellence attracts all of the talent, partners and clients you need for success.



We can bring specialized experts into an engagement to give our clients access to best-in-class strategy, technology and tactics advice in a targeted, affordable way. Our partners are experts in strategy and execution in their fields.

Miyuki Kasahara

Startup and Growth Strategy Advisory

Kale & Flax

Human Centered Design Agency

Tarik Nally

Harper Slade

Racial Equity Advisory

Nikki Lanier

Uber Green Spaces

Environmentally Restorative Construction Firm

Sy Safi

RAccounting Group

Outsourced CFO Services and Trainings

Sheri Radler

Wildly Rising

Women’s Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Jacque Saltsman

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